We See Things Differently

At Ridgewood, the quality of our client relationships is what sets us apart from our peers in the investment industry. It reflects our determination to understand your financial goals and how best to achieve them.

Very simply, we are investment managers. But at the same time, we take the opportunity to carefully manage the expectations of our clients, while appreciating their lifetime of hard work, their choices and vision of the future. We look at each portfolio as a totality of client experiences and dreams. This makes Ridgewood Capital a very different kind of investment firm.

At Ridgewood, we manage your capital growth prudently and diligently with you in mind, to grow and protect the value of your investments for the long term. We ensure that more of your money will be there when you want it, always when you need it.

Our firm has provided discretionary investment management to private clients, foundations and institutions since we were created in 2008. Ridgewood’s track record of meeting client objectives comes from our success in achieving long-term, conservative growth by delivering reasonable value at a reasonable price. Our clients benefit because we listen to their expectations, we understand their needs and we set priorities that are realistic and achievable.