The prospectus is a legal document issued by the Ridgewood Tactical Yield Bond Fund to provide details of the fund to potential clients. It provides a description of the fund's strategies, the manager's background, the fund's fee structure and its financial statements. A copy of the fund’s prospectus can be found below.

Ridgewood Tactical Yield Fund

March 27, 2024


As of Dec 31/2021, the Ridgewood mutual funds did not comply with the investment concentration restrictions of NI 81-102 which prohibit a mutual fund from purchasing a security of a single issuer which would cause more than 10% of the fund’s NAV being invested in securities of that issuer at time of purchase. As at December/2021,the Tactical Yield Fund held 11.57% of Institutional Mortgage Securities Canada Inc(IMSCI) and the Canadian Bond Fund held 13.90% of Real Estate Asset Liquidity Trust(REALT). These investments are being reduced by sales/and or maturities to under the 10% level in 2022.